a foward moving act, a conscious thought

21 December
i pull enjoyment from the tiny scratches and peculiar drawings my mind litters onto paper. cleaning my room after a long period of messiness is good, because i pick up reciepts and tiny notes once stuffed into pockets and remember. each tiny face or letter or stray mark i had recklessly abandoned at some point calls up the day i did it. the feeling of sun coming through the big window, and how it felt like summer in that winter room for a few hours. i like being reminded of myself, because too frequently i begin to lose a tight grasp and i let things fall through the cracks in my fingers. i found a tiny letter i had written to my hometown when i had wanted to be there last month. and i remembered why i loved it. and i thought maybe this summer could be different than the plan i imagine now. a return to my youth and possibly just what i need to save me. here is what i remember most: that i am strong, endowed with a unique vernacular and beautiful in all my flaws and thoughts of flight. that i will never be anyone other than me, and my fear of losing myself is really a fear of other people losing me. i remember most that i am

(oh and) still young, alive, and free.

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